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 What to do when your ps3 fooks up

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PostSubject: What to do when your ps3 fooks up   Mon Feb 08, 2010 7:30 pm

Here's a guide on your best action....

Firstly, we all know the automatic response to someone asking what to do with their broken PS3 is to phone Sony. However, there is a number of things they may ask you to do over the phone anyway, so if you can get these done before the phone call, it will save a lot of messing around.

Before the phone call:

* Try the PS3 with a different cable, whether it be another HDMI cable or AV cable. Also, when changing the cable, don't forget to do the 10 second reset by holding the power button, to make sure you are not using the wrong settings.
* Try the PS3 with a different TV. It might be a long shot, but you never know, there may be a problem with the connection port on your TV.
* Try loading a game from the disc drive.
* Try loading a Blu Ray or DVD from the disc drive.
* Try a full system restore, if you can still turn your PS3 on. This can be found under Settings > System Settings > Restore PS3 System. *WARNING - You will lose all of your data.*

If all this fails, your best bet is to call Sony.

During the phone call:

* Firstly, make sure you have your PS3 to hand, as well as purchase details, such as receipts.
* The phone number for UK Customer Services is: 08705 99 88 77, and Eire: 0818 365 065.
* You will then have to press a couple of numbers, following the automated messages, and you should be put through to a real person.
* You will then give this person all of your details, as well as the details about your PS3, such as serial number, and date of purchase.
* They may ask you to try something with your PS3 that was not stated above. If they do, you will be asked to phone back, quoting the reference number that you will be given.
* The most likely outcome is that they will organise a date for a courier to pick up your PS3 and swap it with another, reconditioned model.

After the phone call:

* If you are still able to switch your PS3 on, a full system backup is recommended using an external hard drive. This can be found under Settings > System Settings > Backup Utility.
* Again, if you still have power to your PS3, remove any disc from the disc drive.
* Disconnect everything from the USB ports.
* Disconnect all of the connections from the back of the PS3, such as power cable.
* If you have upgraded your hard drive, remove it from the PS3 and replace it with your original hard drive.
* Finally, sit tight and wait for collection day! The courier will collect your PS3 between 8am and 6pm. Just have the actual PS3 unit ready for collection, without any wires etc.


* My PS3 is out of warranty and has died, what should I do?

My answer would still be to follow all of the steps above, including phoning Sony. When my PS3 died, it was around 4 months out of warranty, and they still changed it, no questions asked. It's worth a try, what's the worst that could happen?

* My 60GB PS3 has died, will I get a 60GB back?

As far as I know, Sony cannot make any promises with regards to whether you will get a 60GB PS3 back. When my 60GB broke, they did send me a reconditioned 60GB, but that may have been down to chance.

* What is the service like?

Personally, I have only ever had one PS3 break on me, and setting up a replacement was easy. I found the Customer Services Hotline extremely helpful, and I had a reconditioned PS3 sent to me in under 10 days, which I think is a pretty good service considering it was out of warranty, and it was New Years Day!

* What are the reconditioned PS3's like?

The one I was sent was in perfect condition. It had all of the protective stickers on, and looked brand new. It has worked without fault ever since.

* Can't I just send my PS3 back without a hard drive?

I have had no personal experience about this subject, but I would recommend not doing it. When I asked Sony about this matter, they told me to send my PS3 back with it's original hard drive inside, so that is what I would recommend doing.

* I have a game stuck in my PS3, what do I to?

The best thing to do is let Sony know about it. I believe they will send you a replacement game.

* I'm never at home between 8am and 6pm, what should I do?

The PS3 exchange can take place at any address, as long as you let them know when organising it. When I changed mine, I organised for it to happen at the work's address, and it was very easy.

* My PS3 has died and I haven't backed up my saves, will I lose my PSN account and my trophies?

Fortunately, the answer is NO. When you get your new PS3, simply go to the Playstation Network tab, and choose use existing account. All of your trophies will be saved, and you can download all of your PSN games again, free of charge.

* Finally, what can I do to stop my PS3 from dying?!

I'm afraid to say that, apart from the obvious things such as keeping it in a well ventilated area, there isn't actually that much you can do. What I would recommend is backing up all of your saves onto an external hard drive around once a month, to reduce the risk of losing all your game saves.

So, that's the end of that. If there's anything you would like me to add to this thread, please let me know. And of course, feedback would be greatly appreciated!
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What to do when your ps3 fooks up
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